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Complete IT Support - Managed IT Package

STOP wasting time - Give us your IT Problems.

Are you struggling with the myriad of technology needed to run your business?
Sick of wasting time trying to work out problems with your emails, iPhones, printers, faxes, web sites, internet, cabling ? …the list goes on.

Well for a low cost monthly fee we provide a Complete IT Support service that guarantees to eliminate the frustrations you have with the technology and allow you and your staff to simply get back to business with minimal fuss and bother.

  • No Risk Money Back Guarantee
  • You won’t get burnt by huge repair bills or get slung with repeat payments for the same fault

  • Sometimes there is no substitute for a real person, so your monthly fee includes on site visits when needed

    Where do we begin?

    We start off by learning about your business and the way you operate. Then we run a full health check of your computer systems to target problem areas and eliminate them. There is absolutely no cost and no obligation, no strings attached with our health check.

    What happens after that?

    Our philosophy is that prevention is better than a cure! That is why as part of our Complete Support Service we configure your IT systems to run reliably and to be easy to maintain. At this stage we also install different software packages for security, remote access and backup, to help avoid problems in the future.

    What if problems happen later?

    In the real world we know that computers quite often stop working for all sorts of reasons. If this happens we quickly respond by connecting to your computer remotely to start fixing the problem. We will also travel to your business to fix it on site when required. Yes, sometimes there is no substitute for a real person.

    Never get burnt by big IT repair bills again

    One of the big concerns for business owners is landing a huge repair bill. We take the fear and uncertainty out of IT support by providing a Complete IT Support Service for a fixed monthly fee. For about the same price per month as a mobile phone plan we provide a Complete IT Support service that eliminates the need for you or your staff to waste time trying to resolve technology issues ...guaranteed. Just $77 per month per computer.

    What is included in the Complete IT Support Service ?


    IT Help Desk - Our qualified IT Support experts can help you with IT issues in a professional and friendly manor. We pride ourselves on our customer support.

    Emergency Support – We cater for your emergency IT needs, this is crucial to the operation of your business. If you experience an IT emergency do not hesitate to call us immediately.

    On Site Support – IT can be tricky and we often attend clients premises to help solve problems. It’s important to have this available for both IT system assessment and in case of an emergency.

    Regular Maintenance & Updates – We make sure clients regularly maintain both software and hardware including PC’s, Servers & email. This is very essential to stay secure online and to keep IT system running reliably.important as it can help reduce cost later on.

    Security Software – Allow us to make your systems secure. IT security is paramount to securing client data and the effective operation of a businesses. Don’t wait until you get hacked before securing your networks.

    Backup Software – If you had a serious IT problem and your systems were down for a month, how much would that cost? You need to be able to restore your IT systems and become operational. Allow us to back-up your systems/software and put an emergency plan in place.

    Troubleshooting – Do you need help fixing the bugs in your system? Don’t worry, we have it covered for you. Allow us to configure your software including accounting and email systems.

    Benefits of Complete IT Support

    • Save your valuable time
    • Fixed IT budget -no costly surprises.
    • Guaranteed results
    • Fewer IT Problems
    • More reliable IT systems and reduced downtime.
    • Quick response with remote support.
    • On site support when needed.
    • Trusted independent advice.

    To obtain a no obligation free quote of your IT support needs and solutions.
    Call us on (03) 9555 4986

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    For us, the peace of mind alone is enough to justify the cost of John’ ongoing maintenance service, and that’s without considering the other benefits such as minimal downtime when there is a problem.

    Trent Alexander
    Independent Financial Planner and Director, FINANCIAL PLAN NING EXPERT – Mt Eliza

    I have no hesitation in recommending Excelero to any business which requires peace of mind with their IT systems, and in particular Excelero’s Complete IT Support Service.

    Trevor Phillips
    Source Financial – Equipment Finance & Supplier Finance Specialist – Brighton

    John has been fantastic with his IT support for our business. The e-mail exchange server implemented by John has significantly increased the efficiencies of our operations & profitability!

    Stephen Taranto
    Director at Tarcorp Builders

    Excelero IT Solutions, has been providing IT assistance to FE Solutions since 2012. By subscribing to Excelero’s ‘Complete IT Support Package’ it feels like we have an IT Consultant working with us which is essential for the business.

    Richard Kingston
    FE Solutions – Structural Engineers

    “ John’s expertise and advice has been invaluable in assessing what I need now while ensuring we’re laying the groundwork for future growth. I’ve found Excelero to be a very cost effective and hassle free service which has enabled me to focus on growing my business while John takes care of the technology and IT”

    Susan Holly CEA(REIV)
    Director Holly Prestige Property Melbourne

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