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Working from Home? – take this 5 point security checklist.

Working from home has certainly taken off in the past month because of the COVID -19 lock down. Staff members lucky enough to have their own […]

Three reasons why cloud is more secure than your server

Many business worry that when they move their email, files and applications to run on cloud services that they not only lose control but that it […]

The importance of Backups

Imagine if your business lost all of your customer files, financial records and operations information. The cost is most likely a fair proportion of the annual […]

Why Multi Factor Authentication -MFA is essential

MFA stands for Multi-factor Authentication. Instead of relying just on a user name and password to access a website , email or database, an additional check […]

How we protect our clients against ransomware

Most businesses are experiencing an increasing number of security threats which arrive via email.  Examples of these emails include fake invoices, Australia Post delivery information, requests from […]

8 ways to spot a scam email!

About 95% of email today consists of SPAM and many of these are scams. These scams make use of social engineering or trickery. If an email […]

Help! I’m drowning in passwords

At last count I had over forty passwords for different supplier websites, industry portals, news forums and social media.   I’ll give you my tips here for […]